Astrological forecast (horoscope) from New Jersey-based astrologer, Rebecca

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I offer my interpretation of the planets' transits each month through our solar system as an insight to your life’s personal choices and changes.

I believe Astrology is a powerful tool for self-change through the understanding of life’s evolving cycles. It is a powerful and useful knowledge to be utilized as a guide but never as a replacement for our gift of free will, choice and personal self expression. Astrology has stood the test of time.  Dating back to Mesopotamia, it is an art and a science. For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who disbelieve no proof is enough.

My forecast for March 2023 is below.  For a more personal forecast, contact Rebecca directly about individual phone readings and charts!

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Monthly astrological forecast for Aries

Much goes on within as the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn will transit your private personal 12th house. Give in to some much needed R&R. This is a good month to declutter, re-group, re-organize and above all restore. Full Moon accents health and wellness...make some extra time for you in the midst of obligations, duties and responsibilities. Heed your intuition mid month, a short trip and new neighbors! Later New Moon in your sign will boost your energy, appeal and popularity!!

Monthly astrological forecast for Gemini

Career, credibility and reputation are front and center as the Sun and several planets move into the 10th house. Dealings with elders, family and those in authority are highlighted and a change on the job front may be in the offing! Full Moon accents home and property matters,,,repairs or improvements are explored. Take advantage of Mars in your sign for extra energy and initiative. Later the New Moon in fiery Aries will see your hopes and wishes move to fulfillment...others are instrumental now.

Monthly astrological forecast for Leo

You experience an influential turning point this month...finances will play a leading role and a re-evaluation of certain partnerships seems inevitable. The Full Moon is practical, read the fine print in financial issues are accented. Later Jupiter in Aries highlights dealings at a distance, academics and travel. Pluto entering Aquarius will profoundly affect and influence all key relationships for years to come. The New Moon brings a fresh burst of energy and initiative, heed your intuition.

Monthly astrological forecast for Libra

Strong 6th house emphasis early this month make it a favorable time to tackle  diet, health and fitness. Saturn favors your efforts and a change in your appearance is in the works! The Full Moon supports a clean sweep emotionally and mentally clearing away self imposed obstacles. Later Mars in Cancer accents career with Jupiter in the 7th lending opportunity through others. Personal/social life is renewed and invigorated! Twosomes flourish and singles have unexpected interesting meetings at the New Moon!!

Monthly astrological forecast for Sagittarius

Early trends favor family and domestic interests, renovations or improvements are possible with an eye on the future. The Full Moon in Virgo will bring attention to career and dealings with those in authority. Saturn leaving Aquarius will loosen communications and offer more travel opportunity. Later the New Moon, Venus and lucky Jupiter in the 5th house accents romance, creativity and dealings with children and younger people...take a chance Lady Luck is on your side!

Monthly astrological forecast for Aquarius

Lots of significant changes in the works this month...Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your 2nd house may put the brakes on finances. Your perspective of financial security is changing and along with that how you use your money. The Full Moon in Virgo brings closure to a legal or financial issue. Mars entering the 6th house accents diet, health and fitness ...take advantage of opportunities to improve day to day living. Later the New Moon may bring a case of wanderlust mentally or physically...indulge yourself!

Monthly astrological forecast for Taurus

You continue to gain through others this month as the Sun and several planets move through the 11th house. Mix and mingle within groups, clubs and organizations. Friendships new or old are especially influential at the Full Moon. Mid month Venus affords you time to indulge or pamper yourself...steal away for some quiet regeneration. Later attend to a financial matter, promote yourself and spruce up image, style and appearance. Under the New Moon you are a work in progress!

Monthly astrological forecast for Cancer

A loaded 9th house coupled with a Full Moon in Virgo will make this a time to explore new territory mentally and physically. Academics, in-laws and travel are highlighted and curiosity leads you to new directions. Look for changes, growth and opportunity on the job front as lucky Jupiter continues its transit of the 10th house. Later the New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus join the party!! A new financial chapter in your life is in the making...the seeds of long-term security are planted this year.

Monthly astrological forecast for Virgo

Relationships are front and center this month and communications need special handling. The Full Moon in your sign will raise sensitivity and emotions...try to sidestep a fiery tirade! As Saturn moves to the 7th house a goodbye or two may be in the works . As powerhouse Pluto enters the 6th house for many years to come everyday life is in for a change! Job, health, and dependents interests are areas of probable concern and redirection of energy and attention. Best advice swim with the tide!

Monthly astrological forecast for Scorpio

Mars wraps up its lengthy stay in your 8th house of finances leaving you free to implement revision and change to foster long-term security. Team efforts will meet with success. Full Moon in Virgo accents social and recreational trends further advanced with a loaded 5th house mid-month. Later New Moon and Jupiter favor diet, health and fitness...great time to spruce up your appearance and check in on your health. Pluto may bring dealings with property, residence or family ponder the future.

Monthly astrological forecast for Capricorn

Mentally and physically you are on the move as Sun and Mercury sweep through the 3rd house...short trips, communications and academics are favored under the Full Moon. Jupiter in Aries highlights visits and visitors, family interests and lots of activity on the home front. Later a new chapter in financial security begins...go over facts and figures and don't gloss over details...or let someone fool you! The New Moon in Aries may bring family news or addition??

Monthly astrological forecast for Pisces

The Sun and Mercury transit your sign early this month but new comer Saturn enters your sign for a cozy 2 ½ year stay! Expect your persona, intuition and perspectives to change from the inside out slowly but surely. Full Moon in Virgo scrutinizes key relationships and their workings. Sidestep rash decisions on the home front especially where money is concerned under the New Moon. Later Pluto moves into the 12th house transforming your life from within for years to come....

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