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I offer my interpretation of the planets' transits each month through our solar system as an insight to your life’s personal choices and changes.

I believe Astrology is a powerful tool for self-change through the understanding of life’s evolving cycles. It is a powerful and useful knowledge to be utilized as a guide but never as a replacement for our gift of free will, choice and personal self expression. Astrology has stood the test of time.  Dating back to Mesopotamia, it is an art and a science. For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who disbelieve no proof is enough.

My forecast for October 2016 is below.

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Monthly astrological forecast for Aries

Mars will ignite your career, credibility and reputation in the month ahead. Take nothing for granted as the winds of change blow, spontaneity is your by word.  You can make great strides and establish a name for yourself. You will have many new opportunities, academics and those of a different culture are highlighted. A growing need to experience and experiment will leave someone confused. Independence and freedom are accented.

Monthly astrological forecast for Gemini

You ponder the larger issues and interests in your life as you seek understanding at a deeper level under Mars influence. Long term security is highlighted both materially and emotionally…you want more of both. Creative talents soar…prepare to take flight!  Happily social/romantic opportunity will flourish. You change your look and your outlook! Popularity is on the rise with much more to come.

Monthly astrological forecast for Leo

Health, job and dependents demand time and attention this is a busy obligatory month for many. Activities revolve around home and family, visits and messages will set a lively pace. Communications play a key role…think before you speak ! Later social trends perk up, children and creative interests flourish and a welcome change on the job front. New neighbors are likely in the months ahead for many!

Monthly astrological forecast for Libra

Family, residence and property are highlighted early on and much activity will revolve around your home. Fix-ups are favored now under Mars influence. Jupiter makes you feel flush, maybe indulgent just don’t over reach yourself …haste will make waste! You gain in untold ways through differing opinions. Later local travel, mix and mingle and an important decision. A re-birth is at hand in the months ahead.

Monthly astrological forecast for Sagittarius

Financial interests are accented under Mars, money and how you use it may undergo change. A new plan is set in motion. Much goes on behind the scenes, capitalize on personal magnetism and don’t go it alone. You recognize and understand the higher truths of life as never before.  Groups and organizations will bring you rewards, networking pays dividends. Later a fresh perspective is in the stars.

Monthly astrological forecast for Aquarius

It’s personal, private and reclusive as Mars urges you to relax and unwind from demands of recent months. Time alone is well spent, reflect, indulge and replenish yourself. Going it alone has strengthened you. Heed your intuition all month, connect with the past and release what is over. Later rein in your emotions, learn from the past and say yes to a change of scenery…a short trip!

Monthly astrological forecast for Taurus

A case of wanderlust fueled by Mars highlights travel, academics and the future. Thoughts travel far and wide and favor speaking from the heart. A new relationship with you is in the making!  Career trends are fluid and productive communications improve. Later sidestep another’s bait, an unexpected overture and someone from the past may present an offer. A change in image or appearance is in the works.

Monthly astrological forecast for Cancer

Mars in the 7th house will focus on key relationships and the workings within. Business and pleasure may be an unexpected mix and the ties that bind could be blurred now. There is a growing need for more security in your life. This is an important period to travel the less beaten path for great success. Family, residence and living arrangements crowd your thoughts in months to come. A creative pursuit may turn lucrative!

Monthly astrological forecast for Virgo

Expect a turn- around in your life this month as Mars lights up romantic, creative and children’s interests. Give in to a bit of self-indulgence, improve your finances and search new methods to make life easier. Flaunt your talents and abilities and leave your personal stamp for all to see. Later a change under your roof, collaborative efforts and social/romantic trends begin to pick up steam. Rest assured there is more to come!

Monthly astrological forecast for Scorpio

Mars fuels travel both mental and physical, expect to be busy and in demand. An unexpected overture, lots going on in your personal life and the clarity to all is closer than you realize. Later nostalgia, a goodbye and a clean sweep is set in motion for months ahead. You begin a financial overhaul that will encompass the next 20 months boosting long term security.

Monthly astrological forecast for Capricorn

Mars in your sign ushers in a new 2 year cycle. You are more focused, driven and energetic. The sheer strength of your will now will re-make your life! Career, credibility and reputation expand. A new or improved job is likely in the months ahead. You can also change your image or appearance now. You get what you want when you KNOW what you want! Time works to your advantage in the months ahead, patience.

Monthly astrological forecast for Pisces

Mars lights your house of hopes and wishes…just be sure of what you really want! Others and their space and place in your life will assume importance for months to come. The reciprocity of life is fully understood. Financial and emotional security are hot topics now. The give and take of a certain relationship is under scrutiny and a goodbye is possible. Later a spruce up, a short trip and new found freedom!

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