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I offer my interpretation of the planets' transits each month through our solar system as an insight to your life’s personal choices and changes.

I believe Astrology is a powerful tool for self-change through the understanding of life’s evolving cycles. It is a powerful and useful knowledge to be utilized as a guide but never as a replacement for our gift of free will, choice and personal self expression. Astrology has stood the test of time.  Dating back to Mesopotamia, it is an art and a science. For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who disbelieve no proof is enough.

My forecast for March 2018 is below.

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Monthly astrological forecast for Aries

This will be a busy active month on several fronts. Early aspects favor backtracking, review and attention to detail. Much goes on within as you seek your own counsel,pay heed to your intuition and don't take things at face between the lines. The New Moon is revealing! Later you contemplate the ties that bind...financially and emotionally. Mar's moves into Capricorn highlighting career, reputation and dealings with superiors. A strong Venus influence accents appeal while Mercury retrograde offers you a 2nd chance!

Monthly astrological forecast for Gemini

Full moon highlights property, residence and family issues and interests.You have important choices and decisions this month...these have been a long time coming! Be mindful of health...physical and emotional as the tension of late may take it's toll. Dealing with a group or organization from the past is lucky under Mercury's retrograde influence and 2nd chance opportunity meets with success! Later use care in handling legal, bank or financial papers especially if others are involved. Full Moon brings illumination and new perspective.

Monthly astrological forecast for Leo

Full Moon in practical Virgo highlights financial interests,utilize early month's momentum to push personal endeavors forward. This is a good month to reach for the star's! Personal intuition proves to be on target attention  to feelings and your instincts. With mercury retrograde late month use care in travel and communications particularly legal interests. Later the Full Moon may unsettle a relationship and another's loyalty may come under question. A short trip related to siblings or relatives is highlighted.

Monthly astrological forecast for Libra

Sun in the 6th house keeps you busy with duties,details and deadlines. A surplus of energy is directed at creating a new or expanded pathway in your life. You are restless for change and a new know with certainty what no longer interests you. The New Moon is spiritual and regenerative a profound change in perspective is experienced as you move closer to becoming a new you inside and out! Later as Mercury snarls communications be mindful of what you say And what you hear. Residence or living arrangements are highlighted.

Monthly astrological forecast for Sagittarius

Early Full Moon makes all things possible as your 10th house of career is accented offering a cornucopia of opportunity. As Mar's continues to fuel a new 2 year personal beginning Venus aligns its energy to lend you magnetic appeal! Serious conversations attend the months happenings and reciprocity is a key theme in commitments and agreements. Later the Full Moon may hold a surprise or two...something you did not see coming lands at your feet !With Mercury retrograde be extra careful with all and re-read.

Monthly astrological forecast for Aquarius

The Sun transiting the 2nd house accents finances,possessions and things we value. You may feel nostalgic during this period and have dealings with the past especially since Mercury moves retrograde. Mars transiting the 12th house highlights the need to make a clean's time to declutter and otherwise let go of the old and outworn in your life. You need to be mindful of health and may have dealings with health care institutions.Later visits or visitors lend spice to your life ...Full Moon brings optimism and a fresh perspective.

Monthly astrological forecast for Taurus

Full Moon accents romance, creativity and pesonal self expression. Its's easy to score points in any of these areas early this month.It's important to review communications all month as Mercury retrogrades...the proverbial monkey wrench could wreak havoc in correspondence. Later, a nudge from your past, secrets and sorting through personal...private interests! Travel,dealings at a distance and academics crowd your seek more not less these days. Mar's invites wanderlust personally and professionally...times are changing now!

Monthly astrological forecast for Cancer

A case of wanderlust ushers in this busy month, travel, in-laws and gambles are areas of interest and gain. You feel optimistic and expansive in career matters and dealings with those in authority are favored. Later as Mars takes up opposition in the 7th house relationships feel the heat. Guard your reputation from rumors and gossip also keep integrity front and center. The Full Moon offers some challenges related to property, residence and family. Moods and emotions are like a run away train for many...try to swim with the tide!

Monthly astrological forecast for Virgo

Love and money remain a potent mix early this remains an underlying theme and a change of scenery begs consideration. Key relationships and alliances come under review and a goodbye is possible for some. As Mercury retrogrades a change of mind and or heart seems likely. Later its time to get your life in shape mentally and and fitness get the green light! Mars ignites the want for more love in your life are waking from a deep sleep and looking at your life without the rose colored glases...first time in a long time

Monthly astrological forecast for Scorpio

Full Moon favors your house of hopes and wishes early this month . This is a good time to mix and mingle, linking energy with others is lucky for professional endeavors. You have much to gain through a group,club or organization. Romance needs careful handling as differing opinions make a compromise difficult. Mid-month highlights travel, communications and a busy demanding schedule. Later an unexpected temptation as Venus moves through the 7th house turning up charm and allure!

Monthly astrological forecast for Capricorn

A serious case of wanderlust ushers in this month. Put your track shoes on as physically or mentally you could find yourself a long way from home this month.Travel, in-laws and those at a distance assume importance. This is a good time to spruce up home and surroundings...dealing with elders or property is possible. Later Mars enters your sign for 2 months  giving you renewed energy and initiative...a new 2 year cycle is at hand.Mercury retrograde may bring up important decisions related to real estate.

Monthly astrological forecast for Pisces

The Sun in your 1st house draws attention your way, offers personal new beginnings and favors a new style or appearance. Full Moon in opposition may bring a difference of opinion in a financial matter or venture. Try to keep love and money miles apart...its in your best interests! Mars in the 11th house favors social,romantic and recreational activities.Dealings with children and younger people are favored...say yes to invitations. Later the Full Moon accents your sexuality and appeal...personal popularity is on the rise!

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