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I offer my interpretation of the planets' transits each month through our solar system as an insight to your life’s personal choices and changes.

I believe Astrology is a powerful tool for self-change through the understanding of life’s evolving cycles. It is a powerful and useful knowledge to be utilized as a guide but never as a replacement for our gift of free will, choice and personal self expression. Astrology has stood the test of time.  Dating back to Mesopotamia, it is an art and a science. For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who disbelieve no proof is enough.

My forecast for February 2019 is below.

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Monthly astrological forecast for Aries

This will ultimately be a month filled with self discovery on many levels. You have quietly morphed into a different you in the last 6 years. The New Moon accents your ties to groups and organizations and short term life direction. You will do a lot of thinking this month about what kind of lifestyle you want. Introspection is favored mid month with answers forthcoming. Later the Full Moon accents health, job and day to day life. You streamline yourself and your life now!

Monthly astrological forecast for Gemini

You are likely to spend a good bit of this month in your own head. Give in to introspective trends that urge you to look out from within. Perception and perspective undergoes change while the New Moon brings a case of wanderlust. Later you experience tumultuous energy on the home front, avoid gossip and new neighbors are possible. Are you considering a move?

Monthly astrological forecast for Leo

It's hard to garner the support you need early this month as seeing eye to eye is challenged as the Sun and Mercury are in opposition. Mind your reputation and credibility especially on the work front. Saturn continues to offer life's lessons and responsibility is the core lesson for many. Later health and wellness are underscored investigate new ways to promote better health both physically and emotionally! Domestic complications move to resolution.

Monthly astrological forecast for Libra

A mixed bag of feelings and emotions is felt early on, you may be feeling a bit out of sync or conflicted. Mid month you catch your breath and can find peace through the arts and soulful contemplation. The Full Moon in the 12 house favors closure and resolution to an ongoing dilemma. Later you benefit through travel, study and communications. Dealings with family, property or residence may crowd your thoughts with finances being an underlying theme.

Monthly astrological forecast for Sagittarius

Expect to be on the go mentally and physically for much of this busy upbeat month. Travel, visits and visitors are likely with social/recreational opportunities accented. Property and residence issues and interests are highlighted. Jupiter continues to transit your sign making you thirst for adventure and new experiences...serious decisions with money may be in the works. Later Mars in  Taurus may bring some changes on the work front.

Monthly astrological forecast for Aquarius

A personal New Moon early this month fosters renewal internally and externally...set your goals then make it happen! Say yes to invites that allow you to share knowledge and ideas...a group or club is highlighted. Venus offers a respite from the hustle and bustle mid-month allow time to re-charge yourself! Later  the Full Moon may raise financial issues especially where joint funds are concerned...don't take things at face value.

Monthly astrological forecast for Taurus

You may feel murky early this month with to many questions and to few answers.The New Moon in Aquarius highlights career matters, look for changes or announcements. This is a good time to spruce up your style and appearance, also to re-group your energy. Later Mars enters your sign boosting ambition, vim and vigor. Full Moon in Virgo ignites passion and creativity. Social/romantic trends flourish, say yes to invites! Mercury gives wings to your hopes and wishes.

Monthly astrological forecast for Cancer

Relationships move front and center early this month as the ties that bind are strengthened by word or deed. Playing by the book is favored now...don't take shortcuts! Mid month is a good time to re-group energy, direction and motivation. You can help yourself a great deal now! Later the Full Moon in Virgo brings travel, communication and dealings with siblings. Hang onto money at months end..unusual circumstances could leave you wishing you had!!

Monthly astrological forecast for Virgo

You feel the need for a fresh perspective early this month. New Moon accents duties, details and deadlines. The nuts and bolts of life demand your time and attention. Job, health and children's interests set a lively pace and a dose of energy from Mars bolsters your efforts now. A changing perspective allows for better decisions affairs are underscored. Later the Full Moon in your sign fosters strength and resolve to succeed.

Monthly astrological forecast for Scorpio

You will make important decisions related to home and family matters during this month....residence or living arrangements are highlighted. Communications have a serious side these days and the need to re-group either physically or emotionally should be addressed. Mid month be attentive on the job front to subtle though influential changes. Later the Full Moon heightens your heed to your inner voice. Finances flourish.

Monthly astrological forecast for Capricorn

Early aspects sharpen perception and enhance understanding all in good time as the New Moon brings critical financial choices your way. It is best to err on the side of conservative now as you value things that have stood the test of time. The Full Moon in Virgo highlights travel, in-laws and legal or academic interests. You may feel restless and seek counsel from within, spirituality is underscored. Later rest and reflection restore you.

Monthly astrological forecast for Pisces

The New Moon in your 12th house promotes introspection and fresh perspectives early this month. Groups, clubs and organizations may be of benefit to you and Venus in Capricorn supports your personal hopes and wishes. Mid-month you get back in touch with your special someone, gestures may speak louder than words right now. Later the potent Full Moon may bring a surprise message or revelation! Pay heed to health...your own and others.

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